Why I love to be a woman in the video industry

Since beginning Inspiration Video, I’ve had the opportunity to film all kinds of events — but I especially love weddings. I mean, how many jobs exist for the purpose of documenting love, family and moments of pure joy? It’s an honor and a gift to be able to do what I do.

Two of a videographer’s most important responsibilities are to catch important moments and go relatively unnoticed — consequently these are also two of the reasons I think it’s so awesome to be a woman in this industry. Here’s why:

As a woman, I completely relate with every bride. I don’t need too much direction because I already know how she’s feeling, what she wants out of her day, and when to capture the stolen moments she’ll treasure for years to come. Plus, I know not to burden her with unnecessary questions! I anticipate how I’ll get the best shot (conscious to stay out of the photographer’s way), set up, then meld into the background. It’s a fun challenge to observe the day without disturbing it at all. It’s my job to have a completely unique perspective — and it’s my view the couple will share for years to come!

Perhaps the best part of being a woman in this industry is the backstage pass I get to every wedding. Male photographers and videographers often have limited access to the bride — especially while she’s getting ready — but not me, I don’t have to miss a thing. Obviously my camera isn’t running while a bride is actually dressing, but those little moments right before and after are some of my favorite of the day. There’s something magical about that second a bridesmaid or the mother-of-the-bride gently removes the gown from its hanger and presents it to the bride. It’s always tender, exciting and meaningful. Then seconds later they’re putting on jewelry, lacing or buttoning up the gown and I’m right there ready to go. If I happen to be working alongside a male photographer, he often misses out, but I never do. I get to be right there, seeing what the bride sees, documenting every laugh, tear, or nervously excited sigh.

Being a woman in this industry allows me to bring something unique to every project I film — and to every completed project I create. If you choose to work with Inspiration Video for your wedding or special event, you can be certain your finished product will have a special level of tenderness, plenty of stolen moments and the finishing touches of a woman who is passionate about her work.