Get to know Anne Smith — the talent behind Inspiration Video

When I moved to Chicago for my last semester of school, my friends and family back home in Grand Rapids, Michigan thought I was certainly gone for good — but as it turns out, I missed the wildlife and nature too much to stay away.

Today my husband and I live in Grandville with our fur babies, in a house we've completely renovated from the ground up. We enjoy playing with our pets, having wine nights with friends, traveling, and tent camping in the summer. I have a major weakness for my own special recipe of chocolate chip cookies, and scoring a great deal on clothing or housewares. And when we updated our home, we built a theater room in the basement because our love of film runs deep! So deep in fact, I have been capturing video for clients of my own since 2003.

As I was preparing to graduate college, I was excited to put my Communications degree to good use, but found myself frustrated that so many of the companies I was interested in working for weren't hiring. "You should be one of those companies," my advisor encouraged. I had been so focused on finding a job I hadn't even considered starting my own business — but the idea quickly grew on me. I had also been putting money aside for a car, but decided to use it to buy my first video camera instead, and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, I was fortunate enough to land two corporate clients before I even graduated!

Ultimately, I love this job because it lets me help people document important milestones and tell powerful stories. I am proud of the relationships and reputation I've built. Over the years, I've developed a keen sense for capturing the perfect shot and recording crisp audio — while being so discrete my clients hardly even know I was there! I really do believe that video is art, and the screen is my canvas. I am grateful for the opportunity to constantly create new art that my clients can experience time and time again.


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